Weightlifting - We Are England


Weightlifting requires superhuman strength and gravity-defying power, as male and female athletes thrust huge weights into the air with every lift.

Best described as theatrical, it is a competition of physical and mental toughness, where athletes compete according to a number of pre-determined body-weight categories and need to record the biggest lift in their division to claim the gold medal.

The Games also include Para-Sport athletes competing in a Powerlifting competition, where athletes with a disability strive to bench-press weights into the air from a stationary bench, with strategy and individual body-weight playing a major role in determining the overall medallists.

England's past is full of champions - from Precious McKenzie and George Newton to Andrew Saxton and Giles Greenwood - big names have provided big performances.

Did you know: England's Jo Calvino set a British record in 2010 whilst competing in the 93kg clean and jerk event.

The governing body for England’s weightlifting team is British Weightlifting.