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Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Speed, spin and control, demanding the quickest reactions, combine for this relentless sport.

Since making its debut at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, table tennis remains a strong sport amongst Commonwealth nations.

Players win points by hitting a lightweight ball over a net so that their opponents either cannot return it or are forced into an error.

Skilled players can impart spin on the 40mm ball which makes its bounce difficult to predict, or return with confidence. With speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, the sport is a fast and exciting game to watch and play.

England can claim Britain's most successful ever player at the Commonwealth Games amongst their ranks in Andrew Baggaley, who stormed to two gold medals upon the sport's introduction on home soil in Manchester.

Did you know: Para-table tennis star Sue Gilroy dropped just one set in seven matches on her way to gold at the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games.

The governing body of England's table tennis team is Table Tennis England.