Squash - We Are England


The Commonwealth Games' most energetic racquet sport, squash is both of a war of attrition and a battle of fitness.

Squash is a highly energetic racquet sport that requires outstanding levels of fitness, combined with a deft touch for precise ball placement within the enclosed field of play.

In this traditionally strong Commonwealth sport athletes will contest individual men’s and women’s singles events, and pair up across men’s, women’s and mixed doubles competitions, where the width of the court is increased to cater for four players.

Each player has their own style making for some interesting matchups - England's most decorated competitor Nick Matthew for example is famed for his attritional style relying on physical strength whilst Peter Nicol was boasted exceptional court-covering and retrieving skills.

Did you know: Peter Nicol, a gold medallist at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, also competed for Scotland.

The governing body for England's squash team is England Squash & Racketball.