Archery - We Are England


A two-time Commonwealth Games sport where England have excelled.

It took archery 52 years to make its debut on the Commonwealth Games' Sports Programme, arriving in time for the 1982 Games in Brisbane where there were just two events on offer - men's individual and women's individual.

England sent a full team that yielded one of the two gold medals on offer thanks to Mark Blenkarne who shot a points total of 2446. Leading from the very beginning of competition, his title was never in doubt and he made a piece of Commonwealth Games history.

Fast forward to 2010 and after an absence of 28 years archery was back, and England sought more gold with a newly-expanded programme offering many more opportunities.

England siezed those opportunities thanks to its history-maker Danielle Brown, the nation's first Para-sport athlete to compete in able-bodied competition, and Nicky Hunt, amongst others as they topped the medals table.

Brown and Hunt along with Nichola Simpson fell just one point short of the world record to beat Canada 232 to 229 and win the women's compound team event. England's men's team then won their compound team event leading against host nation India from the very start.

Nicky Hunt was given the honour of carrying the England flag at the Closing Ceremony after scoring an incredible 12 perfect tens from 15 arrows to win her second gold medal, this time in the women's individual final.

The governing body of England's archery team is Archery GB.