Judo - We Are England


England lead the way in judo and marked the sport's first appearance by winning an amazing 14 gold medals.

A fairly recent addition to the sports programme, arriving at the Auckland 1990 Commonwealth Games, judo is an optional sport that has always produced a healthy return of medals for England.

England headed into the Auckland Games with a four-time World and five-time European champion in their team, Karen Briggs. Seizing her moment on the Commonwealth stage she showed her medal credentials by winning the first extra lightweight title available, in a home nations final against Wales' Helen Duston.

1990 was also a tale of three Sharons - Sharon Lee winning double gold in the heavyweight and open events, Sharon Mills winning gold in the middleweight and Sharon Rendle taking gold in the half lightweight category.

Not to be outdone by their female counterparts, England's men had Elvis on their side - Elvis Gordon won two gold medals in the heavyweight and open categories, with a further five titles from elsewhere won by Englishman.

There was then a 12-year absence until it was selected for the sports programme at the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games. Once again it was England leading the way with eight gold medals, where there were two successful finals against Scottish opposition, adding a fiesty home nations twist.

Did you know: Karen Briggs is the only judoka to be selected as an England flag bearer. Karen was selected to fly the flag at the Opening Ceremony of the Auckland 1990 Commonwealth Games when judo made its first appearance.

The governing body for England’s judo team is British Judo.