Hockey - We Are England


Since its introduction in 1998 England have always brought a medal home in hockey.

Hockey was a late addition to the Games' sports programme when it joined in time for the 1998 Commonwealth Games as team sports made their debut. After a 68 year wait however hockey is now a core sport and must be included at each Games.

Whilst Australia have laid claim to all but one of the eight gold medals that have been on offer, from 1998 to date there have always been either silver or bronze medals to celebrate.

England's record stands at two silver and three bronze medals - one bronze for the men's team (1998) and the remaining two silver and bronze medals for the women's team (1998 and 2002 silver, 2006 and 2010 bronze).

Delhi 2010 was a standout moment for England's women's team with highlights including Crista Cullen's hat-trick against rivals Wales in the group stage, and Georgie Twigg's bronze medal winner against South Africa.

Did you know: David Faulkner, a member of the Great Britain team that won gold at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, was England's Team Leader for hockey at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games.

The governing body for England’s athletics team is England Hockey.