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An ever-present on the sports programme, the Commonwealth Games has seen some huge names take to the ring.

Boxing at the Commonwealth Games takes place over three three-minute rounds. A panel of five ringside judges award points when one of the boxers throws a punch so the white area on the glove lands a clear hit on his opponent. Three of the five judges must press a button within one second of each other for the computer to register a point the boxer.

Bouts are decided on points if there is no knockout or if the contest is not stopped. A boxer can also win the contest if his rival’s corner concedes by throwing in the towel.

Boxing is traditionally a sport well-contested by England with star names including John Conteh, widely tipped to be a rival to the legendary Muhammad Ali, and Audley Harrison just two of the many gold medallists from down the years.

The Commonwealth Games are often seen as a stepping stone for amateur boxers with titles used to launch careers. Thomas Stalker and Anthony Ogogo won gold and silver in the lightweight and middleweight categories respectively at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games. Both have since turned professional.

Women's boxing was announced as a sport for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games in the summer of 2012.

Did you know: Women's boxing joined the Commonwealth Games Sports Programme in 2014, two years after its Olympic debut.

The governing body for England’s boxing team is England Boxing.