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Presenting Partner

Presenting Partner

An historic opportunity for brands to support Team England by becoming the Presenting Partner to Team England for first time in 85 years.

In Glasgow 2014, Team England topped the medal table for the first time in nearly 30 years with 174 medals. Whilst recognising the scale of the challenge, Team England will be aiming to repeat the feat in Australia in 2018, with the support of a ‘Presenting Partner’.

Commonwealth Games England presents a unique opportunity for a brand to align with Team England and support its extensive programme of activity ahead of, during and after the Games.

Paul Blanchard, Chief Executive at Commonwealth Games England said:

“Team England at the Commonwealth Games is the best, most relevant, positive and interesting sports representation of England. Our team is diverse, inclusive, unique and very successful.

It is a historic move for CGE to offer a brand the opportunity of being the first Presenting Partner of Team England.”

For more information please contact 

Laura Spaven, Commercial Manager, Commonwealth Games England

Phone: 020 7831 3444   Email: