Strategy 2011-2014 - We Are England
Strategy 2011-2014
Strategy 2011-2014

Strategy 2011-2014

Commonwealth Games England has published its draft strategy for the 2011-2014 cycle, aiming to optimise England’s competitive performance but also to raise the profile and reinforce the value, reputation and future of a great international sporting enterprise.

CGE will contribute as best we can to making the Glasgow Games a brilliantly successful and unforgettable experience for competitors, the watching public, the national support team and other English sports bodies.

The strategy is the culmination of a thorough and consultative process of analysis during which we have faced up to the realities of our current effectiveness and worked out how we can improve.

The consultation focused on four key areas:

1 - Achieving best practice in Games-time management, ensuring an excellent Games experience for competitors and supporting the best performance of our team.

2 - Improving our relationships with the National Governing Bodies for individual sports, the Commonwealth Games Federation, Government, Sport England and UK Sport; to increase our influence over issues that affect the value, success and reputation of the Commonwealth Games England team.

3 - Building the Commonwealth Games England brand and secure long term sponsorship partners, sustainable funding and increased consumer engagement with the Games.

4 - Putting in place the resources, infrastructure and great people we need to achieve our ambitions.

The paper sets out a four year strategic position not operational plans. Annual ‘draw down’ business plans in support of the strategy will be prepared and published. They will include detailed Key Performance Indicators for each of our four areas of intent.